Healthy Food Hacks

We bet even Nadia Lim has a night off! If you’re not in the mood to cook, or are a bit pushed for time, follow these quick (and cheap) tips to help you stay on track.


1.     Eggs, eggs, eggs

Quite possibly the worlds most versatile food. And so quick, easy and healthy to make! Within 5 minutes you can whip up some poached eggs, or produce an omelette that even a Masterchef would love to tuck in to! Add a little avocado, crack some pepper and voila, a meal is ready!


2.     Freeze Berries and Grapes

These taste like natures lollies – we promise! Pop a bunch in the fridge, or freeze your favourite berries to grab instead of reaching for that bag of sweets.


3.     Prep some meals

While we’re not saying plan your whole week in advance, it can be handy to have some meals frozen to grab on those ultra busy days. Meat balls or even soup freeze super well and only take a couple of mins in the microwave to be ready!


4.     Blend a Smoothie

When your energy levels are at an all time low, these are an easy healthy alternative instead of digging your hand in to a bag of chips! Throw your favourite frozen fruit, a sprinkle of oats or gluten free flakes and your favourite nut milk in a blender and voila, a healthy snack is ready in minutes.


5.     Healthy Fanta

While we love drinking water sometimes it can get a little boring! A thirst quenching alternative is to whip up this homemade healthy Fanta. Grab yourself a bottle of soda water (or make your own in the soda stream) and put in two Red Seal blood orange cold brew tea bags. You can leave the tags sticking out the top. Close the lid and leave in the fridge for two hours. Then healthy Fanta here you come!


6.     Make yourself a cuppa

Most of the time we think we are hungry, when in actual fact all we need is to be re-hydrated. So next time you feel those hunger pangs, flick the kettle on, and make yourself a cup of tea. There are so many delicious tea flavours to choose from these days there really is no excuse! 

Matt Bateman