Five reasons to keep fit this winter

When it comes to staying in shape and keeping fit in the winter time, people tend to fall off the bandwagon. We get it, its cold, its dark and bed can be so much more appealing! But when a New Zealand winter can be up to six months long, you are potentially writing off half of the year!!

Keep reading for some epic tips on why not to press that snooze button tomorrow morning and actually get out of bed and get moving!

1.     Beat the winter blues

A daily workout releases all the feel good chemicals including serotonin and dopamine which help reduce anxiety and depression. Having a workout will give you a break from the daily grind and we promise you’ll have that feel good rush straight after!! You will be feeling warm and fuzzy inside in no time!

2.     Don’t start over again in summer

As soon as we stop moving our bodies we can lose our fitness so quickly. It can make it seem even harder starting again!! By committing to your exercise routine over the winter months you wont be starting back at square one again come November!!

3.     Keep Warm

Heat your body up naturally with a workout!! Ever wonder why Karen in accounts is always freezing and has that fan heater under her desk? It is because she isn’t getting the blood flowing around her body to warm her up. We guarantee after you have smashed out a workout you will feel toasty warm for the rest of the day!

4.     Boost your immune system

Consistent workouts strengthen your immune system, which is even more important during cold and flu season!! And we all know no one likes getting sick! So lock in your next workout and get ready to sweat it out!! 

5.     Hang out with friends

Most of us tend to hide away in the winter months and neglect our social life!! But by organising to do a workout with a friend you are killing two birds with one stone! So what are you waiting for, message your friend and organise that sweat date ASAP!

So put on an extra layer, set that alarm, and get ready to sweat over the colder months, we promise it will be worth it!!  And come the end of the year, you’ll be feeling even better for it!

Matt Bateman