From humble beginnings in 2016, to outgrowing our temporary spaces, opening our first studio in July 2018. Our mission is to provide the most unique group fitness experience out there. For people to move their bodies more, and have a smile on their face while doing it.

The HIIT Squad is and always will be about the people. Building better humans. It is the kind of place you want to sweat in, with a community you want to be a part of.


Class Locations

23 Stanmore Road

Class Days


The studio

The HIIT Squad has been purpose designed for our unique, big hitting classes.

Plenty of floor space to bear crawl, heaps of walls for geckoz and a enough ski ergs and assault bikes to get you to Ashburton and back.

If that all sounds a bit crazy, you’ll have to come down and join the mad house to find out what we’re on about.

Meet the trainers


Meet Matt

A builder and Crusader Knight in his past life, Matt loves nothing more than getting a room full of people sweating with a smile on their faces.

After a back injury signalled the end of his rugby career, Matt became interested in how to build strength and move his body with body weight training.


Meet Zoe

Former head girl of STAC this girl is a leader and not from her words but her actions…

She’s an absolute work engine and leads by example.

A lover of the sand and sunshine, late nights and lifeboats you may occasionally see her swinging a hockey stick or eating tacos. ZM runs a tight ship and her classes are #Epiccccc


Meet Jas

This lady is busyyyyy, its very likely you may have seen her running the streets around town because if she’s not with us running a class she’s gonna be running the streets or biking the hills.

Jas is currently studying architecture, loves herself some weet-bix and something you wouldn’t know about Jas…. She loves to sew and makes her own clothes!


Meet Kerri

The newest trainer to the #Squad.

With a Bachelor of Education in PE, running a class for Kez is easy….

A lover of the outdoors, trail running, surfing and tramping and Kez is known to treat herself to some Choccy milk and a bag of salt and vinegar chips!!!!

Her fav class is Kettlebell and this girl knows how to sweat.


Meet Dan (Winchy)

An OG since Day 1, this guy knows what we are about!

A former Division 1 rugby player and a current 1st XV coach and the head of PE at St Bedes College, this guy has a lot on his plate and its not food!!!!

Winch loves to train hard and comes with a massive amount of knowledge about the human body and exercise. There is nothing more that Dan loves other than a Saturday morning HIIT Locker class, a cheese sconnie and a walk with his partner in crime and his cute wee dog.


Meet Kos

A guy we never see enough of, he comes home for a holiday and spends more time working out and running classes with us than when he’s away.

Kos resides in Japan and plays professional rugby for Suntory, he’s experienced several World Cups and loves to work hard

A man with great values, a cute wee family… Kos is one #EpicHuman.

When he’s home you will know about it because you will hear him a mile away and see his smile as soon as you enter the room.