We offer classes for every level, all are guaranteed to get your heart rate up and the sweat dripping. Get ready for heaps of high fives and plenty of fun. 

Our classes are pretty popular so we recommend booking in advance. Class bookings open up at midnight the week before the class. For example BODYWEIGHT 45 Wednesday opens at 12:00am Wednesday the week before. So set your alarm and get in early to avoid missing out!


  1. Create a MindBody account with us here

  2. Purchase a class pass or concession

  3. Check out the schedule and choose the class want

  4. Book!

Note: If the class is fully booked jump on the waitlist and by 9pm the night before class you will know if you're in or not.

Membership Prices

The Resident $45 per week

Full access, unlimited memberships to all group fitness classes. As many times a week as you like! Go on, you may as well move in with us!

The Part-Timer $30 per week

Part of a sports team? Training elsewhere? Want to add in some HIIT training to compliment your other training? Access to our group fitness classes two times per week. You pick the class and time. 

Just Visiting $20 one-off

Want to come and try us out? Maybe here for a holiday? This is the way to go for a one-off visit to our studio. 

The Booty Call $175 one-off

10 pass Concession Card to be used whenever, on whatever classes you like.



Class types



Get ready for 30 or 45 minutes of intense #Sweat and minimal rest. You will walk out of there thinking 'what just HIIT me?!'

This class is a combination of Ski Ergs, Assault Bikes, Dead Balls, Kettlebells and Bodyweight. 

The best way to light up your day.



Ever trained in a harness with force pulling you back? Now is your time. 30 minutes of intense body weight where you will have to work against resistance. You will push yourself physically and mentally. 



This class is super fun and full of epic people, lots of energy and the culture is unreal! A class based on full body movements guaranteed to get a sweat up! This class is open to all levels of fitness and recommended for those first-timers. Come get amongst some goodness!




Our kettlebell class is a high energy sweat session combining bodyweight and kettlebells together to make an epic full body workout.


Team Training

If your team is looking to take its training to the next level then have a chat with us. We have worked with elite teams from The Crusaders to club level teams. We work with a variety of sports and can work with you to put together the perfect program to get your team performing at its peak.

Corporate Classes

Welcome to your perfect lunch break workout.  Our class is all bodyweight based on primal patterns and animal movements. Its a full body workout.

Get in touch today to get your office getting fitter and feeling like a team!

Small Group Training

If you've got a group of mates who want to get fit, get sweaty and have heaps of fun doing it then private group training is for you. We put together a program for you to take your fitness to the next level with a combo of bodyweight, kettlebells, machines and weights.


Class Locations

23 Stanmore Road
Runs between Tuam and Cashel Street